1. What is Perfect Borders?

    Perfect Borders is a unique service for designing custom quilt borders. With Perfect Borders, you can design a custom pantograph perfectly scaled and sized for your quilt, instantly download it, and print it right on your own printer.

  2. Why is this helpful?

    While there are many border templates available, every quilt is unique. Using templates or predesigned pantographs with your quilt is usually a frustrating exercise in scaling drawings, reducing or enlarging images on a photocopier, and/or "scootching" templates along as you quilt. With Perfect Borders, you get a pantograph that's perfectly scaled and sized for your quilt!

  3. What does this offer a professional long-arm quilter?

    With Perfect Borders, you can add a custom touch to your customers' quilts. There's no math or time-consuming adjustments needed; you get a border pattern perfectly scaled and spaced for your customer’s quilt.

  4. What if I send my quilts to a professional long-arm quilter?

    Using Perfect Borders can enhance the collaboration between you and your professional quilter. Create the exact design you want and send the pantograph along with your quilt, or browse the image catalog to give your professional some design ideas.

  5. What software do I need to install?

    Perfect Borders runs on our web servers, so all you need is an Internet connection - if you're reading this, you should be ready to go! To print your designs, you'll need Adobe Acrobat® or the free Adobe Reader®, and access to a printer.

  6. Where do I get Adobe® Reader®?

    The free Adobe Reader can be downloaded here. Get Adobe Reader

  7. Can you walk me through the process?

    Sure! Just open these detailed instructions and either keep them on-screen as you're working, or print them out for ready reference.

  8. Is the Perfect Borders website secure?

    Yes - you can use PerfectBorders.com with confidence. We have partnered with Authorize.Net, a leading payment gateway since 1996, to offer safe and secure credit card and electronic check transactions for our customers. PerfectBorders.com is registered with the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal program. You can read details of our security policies here.

  9. What is your privacy policy?

    In short, we only request the information needed to process your order, and we don't retain your credit card information. You can read our full privacy policy here.

Border Design: General

  1. What should I enter for a name when designing a border?

    Whatever will best help you keep track of the border. The name you enter is printed on the output and shows up in your order history, but otherwise isn't important.

  2. Which border style should I select?

    • The "Single Border" is usually used for square quilts, where all four outside borders are the same width and length.
    • The "Quilt Pack," which consists of two borders using the same designs but differing measurements, is most often used for a rectangular quilt where the top and bottom borders are the same, and the side borders are the same.
    • The "Quilt Pack Plus," which consists of two borders using the same designs but differing measurements, is the same with the addition of a block.

    If the borders on your quilt use different images, then design each one separately.

Border Design: Dimensions

  1. What are the length and height values?

    These are the actual measurements of the border fabric. These measurements define the frame that you will use to line up your border with your pantograph.

  2. What are the (top, bottom, left, right) padding values?

    These define 'buffer zones' where you do not want quilting. This may include areas you want to leave unquilted for binding, avoidance of seam allowances, border size inconsistencies, or visual appearance. For example, if the border width is 5.0 inches high, and the top and bottom padding are 0.25 inches each, then the image pattern will be 4.5 inches high, centered top to bottom.

  3. What does 'bottom' refer to?

    Bottom refers to the visual bottom of the drawings as displayed.

  4. What units are used for the measurements?

    All of the measurements are in inches. An option of specifying centimeters or millimeters is planned for the future.

Image Catalogue

  1. Where do your images come from?

    Our images are all originals, designed by a variety of artists. Our team of artists is working hard to add more images all the time!

  2. Are the images continuous line?

    Yes, all the images are designed for continuous line long-arm quilting.

  3. There's a particular image I'm looking for...

    Great! Please share your image ideas by emailing artist@PerfectBorders.com. We'll do our best to accommodate your request.

  4. Can I use my own image to create a border?

    Not directly. We need to ensure that the images are formatted and scaled correctly, and are designed for continuous line quilting. However, if you'd like to send an image or a sketch to artist@perfectborders.com, we'll pass it along to our artist team for inspiration.


  1. So now that I've designed my border, how do I use it?

    Simply print the pantograph template and trace it with your long-arm quilting machine.

  2. How do I transfer quilting patterns for Home Machine quilting?

    Some suggested methods:

    1. Print patterns directly onto Foundation Paper. Stitch though pattern and tear away pattern. (Test your printer's ink for unwanted smudging or transfer.)
    2. Print patterns directly onto Water Soluble Foundation Paper. Stitch though pattern, tear away excess, then dissolve any remaining paper. (Test your printer's ink for unwanted smudging or transfer.)
    3. Stitch though pattern with a large needle (no thread). Use punched paper as a pounce pattern.
    4. Layer pattern with the needed number of layers of Golden Threads paper. Stitch through all layers with a large needle (no thread). Use perforated Golden Threads paper as pattern. Stitch through and tear away.
    5. Mark Golden Threads paper with marking pen. Stitch through and tear away.
    6. Use a light box to mark quilt top with Water Soluble pen.

  3. What software do I use to print my document?

    You can use Adobe Acrobat® or the free Adobe Reader® to print your custom design. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you have access to more printing options; however Adobe Reader will work just fine.

  4. How do I print my border on banner paper?

    You may need to experiment to find the right options for your own printer. We select the "banner printing" option on the Perfect Borders printing page. When we load the document into Adobe Reader, we then open the Printer Properties dialog box and check the "banner print" option.

  5. Where do I find "banner paper?"

    A variety of different papers are available at your local office supply store. We use continuous form printer paper (with the perforated pin-feed edges) and simply remove the perforations and load it into our inkjet printer.

  6. What printers work with banner paper?

    Many of the Hewlett-Packard inkjet printers will accept banner paper. Check your printer's manual to be sure.

  7. How do I print my border on a sheet-fed printer?

    Select the 'trim and tape' option on the Perfect Borders printing page. After printing, simply trim off the page margins (a quilt ruler makes quick work of this), align the printing registration marks, and tape the sheets together.

  8. What if I don't have a printer, or don't want to print the border myself?

    We are considering adding a professional printing service to print your design on banner paper and mail it to your address, if demand warrants.


  1. How much does it cost to create a custom border?

    • A single border normally costs $12.50.
    • A "Quilt Pack," which consists of two borders using the same designs but differing measurements, normally costs $15.00.
    • A "Quilt Pack Plus," which consists of two borders using the same designs but differing measurements, normally costs $17.50.

  2. Do you offer "professional" or "wholesale" pricing?

    Since each design is custom and intended for use on a single quilt, bulk/wholesale pricing doesn't really make sense here. However, we do plan to offer discounts for purchases based on volume, so if you design a lot of quilts with us, you'll be eligible for special pricing.

  3. What about a warranty?

    We want you to be completely satisfied with your custom border! If for some reason you're not, please let us know; we'll either fix the problem or refund your money.